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Donate one to help two | Autumn and Winter Warm Heart Student Exhibition (3)

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"Meet you meet flowers"

November 29th, 30th, December 1st

Donate one to help two | Autumn and winter warm heart student special

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You * Ci male 14 years old Bozhou City Lixin County, Anhui province 

Ru * Song male 12 years old Bozhou City Lixin County, Anhui province 

Little mercy little song is two brothers, in order not to let parents worry, in the study of two brothers often encourage each other, urge each other, common progress。There are four people in his family,The children's father suffers from uremia,Hemodialysis three times a week,The mother took care of the father and the children,Can't go out to work,The family mainly lives on the government's subsistence allowance and a few acres of farmland,Except for my father's medical bills,There are also two children's tuition fees, living expenses and other no small pressure to make the family difficult。



Chen * Hui female 14 years old Xincai county, Zhumadian city, Henan province

Chen Ennan 11 years old, Xincai County, Zhumadian City, Henan province

Xiao Hui Xiao En family a total of four brothers and sisters, the children are very studious, very serious about learning, performance is also very good。However, the meager income earned by the parents from odd jobs can hardly support the children's school expenses and various expenses in life. As the children grow up, the family life becomes more and more difficult。

Ma * Yang male 13 years old Yucheng County, Shangqiu City, Henan province

Xiao Yang is doing well in school and his students are doing well。There are seven people in Xiaoyang's family. His grandfather is deaf at the age of 79, his grandmother is suffering from stomach disease at the age of 77, and his father is 52 years old. Seven years ago, his father was disabled due to brain blood congestion。Xiao Le's family relies on farming income to subsidize the family, in order to cure his father led to family difficulties。

Bao * Xiang male 17 years old, Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui province

Xiao Xiang went to high school, he has been looking forward to studying hard and changing the difficult environment at home。The family also attaches great importance to his study, small Xiang's mother accompanied the child to high school, while taking care of the family, no income, and small Xiang's father due to trauma caused eye clear disability (secondary disability), but in order to maintain family life, the father to work to subsidize the family, life is very difficult。



Song * Yinnu, 13, Xinxiang City, Henan province

Song Beauty 9 years old Xinxiang city, Henan province

Small sound small beauty is two sisters, in the face of learning are very serious。My sister has a physical disability, needs to use a wheelchair, and eyesight is not good, but even so, Xiaomei has been trying her best to learn, now learning in the upper middle of the class。Because of the special situation of small beauty, the mother will accompany to study and take care of every day, but as the child gets older and older, the mother is gradually unable to cope with the overwork, and the family life depends on the father to barely maintain a worker。

Feng * Lun male 5 years old Chizhou City East to county, Anhui province

Xiao Lun is currently in kindergarten class,He has a brother two years younger than him,Xiaolun's grandparents are old,The infirm need to be cared for,And Xiao Lun's father suffered from a serious lumbar spine disease,Basically unable to work,The only income for the family comes from the odd job her mother does when she is not caring for the family,But it's still hard to support a family。

Xu * Rou female 6 years old Hefei City, Anhui province

Xiao Rou lives in a family of four,Xiao Rou's mother takes care of her two young children,Keep house,And soft's father is not well,Suffer from kidney disease,Need to take medication for a long time,But for the family,Dad needs to go out to work,One person's income does not just support a family of four,There are also high medical bills to pay,Now the family is struggling to make ends meet,Life was hard for the family。

朱*夕 女 18岁 安徽省淮北市濉溪县
小夕家庭共有5口人,爸爸妈妈妈和奶奶妹妹。面对学习小夕非常刻苦,期望自己能考上好大学。小夕家里人口多,但劳动力少,家庭经济收入微薄,小夕的奶奶今年83岁,The infirm need to be cared for,而小夕的母亲疾病缠身生活不能自理,需要常年吃药打针,无法正常工作,家里只有父亲平日里干点零活没有固定收入。The mother's medical expenses and the children's tuition and living expenses put a heavy burden on the whole family。
Meng * Lei male 19 years old, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui province

Xiao Lei is a senior in high school this year and wants to study hard to get into college. His father died of liver cancer when he was seven years old, and his mother suffered from mental illness and was unable to work。Xiao Lei basically relies on the help of relatives at home to go to school, and his mother needs medical treatment, and the family cannot afford the medical expenses。Xiao Lei also has a sister who is going to school, usually working in the summer vacation to subsidize the family, and the family conditions are very difficult。

Zhang * Ru female 17 years old Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui province

After high school, she paid special attention to study, and she knew that only reading can change her fate。Xiaoru's mother died of illness when she was young, her father suffered from mental disability, and her grandparents were infirm, leaving the family to eke out a living mainly from farming and government relief。

Zhao ** en, male, 13, Tianchang City, Anhui province

Small grace this year 13 years old on the first day, came to the new stage of learning small grace very cherish this learning opportunity, but also very hard work。However, the small grace family is weak and ill, the small Grace mother last year did splenodilation pancreas resection surgery, the family's grandparents are also ill need people to take care of, the family is not rich but also bear a lot of medical costs, almost unable to support the small grace study, life is very difficult。

* Ji female 14 years old Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui province

There are five people in Xiao Ji's family,Xiao Ji's father is seriously ill and needs to be taken care of,Fail to work,Mother doesn't have a regular job,The family has two school-aged children,It is difficult to get support in learning,此外,There is also an 80-year-old paralyzed grandmother who needs to be taken care of,Know the family's difficult small ji sensible obedient since childhood,Will take the initiative to complete the learning task,And take care of the family.,She longed to change her family's predicament through reading。




Zhou * Wei male 12 years old Fuyang city, Anhui province

Zhou * Ya female 9 years old Fuyang city, Anhui province

Small fear small Ya is brother and sister, two children have been very serious learning。The children's father has diabetes and a cerebral infarction,Serious illness prevents normal work,There are also ongoing medical expenses,Xiao Ya's mother can not work properly because of lumbar disc protrusion,The family income is not stable,And there are two school children at home,Face all kinds of family support,Parents can no longer afford it。

Gao * Fan male 17 years old Bozhou City Guoyang County, Anhui province

Xiao Fan is 17 years old now. He is more serious in his study than in previous years。Xiao Fan lives in a single parent family, his mother died when Xiao Fan was young, and his father was sick and had no fixed income, so life was very difficult。

* Weinan 14 years old, Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui Province

Xiaowei wants to enter the best high school in the county。Xiao Wei's father passed away, leaving Xiao Wei and his mother dependent on each other, mother alone to take care of the child, do some odd jobs to maintain life, very difficult。

* Wei female 15 years old, Lujiang County, Hefei City, Anhui province

Xiao Wei's father unfortunately passed away, due to health and family reasons, the mother can not go out to work without other income, the family rely on subsistence allowance to survive。

Click to learn about the past -- Donate one to help two | Autumn and Winter Warm Heart Student Special Exhibition (1)

Click to learn about the past -- Donate one to help two | Autumn and Winter Warm Heart Student Special Exhibition (2)



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2022 will be the 10th year of Renai Student Hand in Hand. We cover nearly 100 township streets and schools in more than 10 cities in Anhui and its surrounding areas, helping 20,000 students in rural distress。
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