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New Year targeted funding activities

During the period from January 21-26 to the beginning of the New Year, we will look for one-to-one targeted donors for disadvantaged students in Anhui and the surrounding areas, giving them subsidies for study and life, and caring for their physical and mental health growth。For each sponsored child, the Ren 'ai Student Aid Team will follow up and give feedback from the initial family field visit to the grant payment, use and return visit each semester。Directed funding is not only material giving, but also caring and accompanying in the growth。


If you are willing to participate in targeted funding, you will receive:

  1. Donation bill, donation certificate

  2. Get regular feedback on the current situation of sponsored students

  3. You can visit sponsored students and families accompanied by volunteers

  4. Get charity aid hand-in-hand around (exquisite badge or USB flash drive, either)



If you are willing to direct funding

Please contact Ren Xiaoai


Sponsored Student Profile


Liu * Lin female 10 years old Jin 'an District, Lu 'an City



Xiaolin family has six people, all are farmers, in order to take care of Xiaolin and still in the baby brother, the mother has been unable to go out to work, grandparents are old, living in the rural hometown, grandpa suffering from hepatitis B disease, long-term struggle with the disease, the life of the family all pressure on the father a person, life is very tight。Xiaolin is the eldest in the family, currently in primary school, due to the low education level of his parents, so in the guidance of children is always powerless, fortunately, Xiaolin in learning performance is very good, self-discipline and learning ability continues to improve, optimistic Xiaolin believes that as long as the family is here, everything will be better and better!


Sun * Xing female 10 years old Huo Qiu County, Lu 'an City

Sun * wish female 8 years old Huo Qiu county, Lu 'an City





There are six people in the family, the father is doing odd jobs to maintain the life of the family, the mother takes care of the two sisters at home, the grandparents are getting older and are not in good health, the family income depends on the father's salary, and the mother does a little job to subsidize the family。My grandfather is very weak and had three operations last year, which made the family, which is not rich, even more difficult。Sister Xiaoxing is a very well-behaved child, studying carefully at school, listening to the teacher, actively participating in various activities, at home can take the initiative to complete the tasks and homework assigned by the teacher。Little sister is also very sensible, in order to reduce the pressure of parents, study very hard, never let parents worry, at home, little willing to take the initiative to help mother share some of the housework。


* Male 17 years old Bozhou City Guoyang County, Anhui province


Xiao Fan is 17 years old now. He is more serious in his study than in previous years。Xiao Fan lives in a single parent family, her mother died when she was a child, her father is sick and has no fixed income, her grandmother is in a wheelchair all the year round and needs family care, her grandfather is old and can not do heavy work, and the family life is very difficult, but sensible Xiao Fan will actively share housework and reduce the burden of the family。


李*曦 男 10岁 阜阳市太和县

Aurora is a third grade child,Get excellent grades,In this semester's exams,Aurora also got A good grade,But Aurora's grandmother has a congenital hip dislocation and has had multiple surgeries this year,My father's salary not only supported my grandmother's multiple surgeries,And support the family's daily expenses,Now the family is struggling to make ends meet to treat grandma。


Sun * Xuan male 10 years old Donghai County Lianyungang City

Xiao Xuan is the second child in the family. In grade 5 this year, Xiao Xuan also has a brother who is studying in Nanjing University。Xiao Xuan's parents currently do not have a fixed job, used to work in Guangzhou, after the father's legs femoral head necrosis, left Guangzhou, no fixed income, in order to solve the problem of children's schooling, the whole family returned to their hometown, the current family income depends on planting vegetables and harvest in the field。


Zhao ** en, male, 13, Tianchang City, Anhui province

Zhao ** daughter 13 years old in Tianchang city, Anhui province




Xiao En and Xiao Ai are 13 years old this year on the first day, came to the new stage of learning two children cherish this learning opportunity, but also very hard work。他们There are six people in his family,Large population but small labor force,We have a 90-year-old grandmother who needs to be taken care of,And the baby's grandparents,My grandfather is disabled and diabetic,The child's grandmother can't work at home to take care of her family,The kids' mother had a splenic pancreas removed last year,He is now recovering from surgery,A regular check every six months is also a big expense,The child's father works alone to support a large family,Almost unable to support their two children's studies,At home because of illness, difficult to walk


Liu * Jie female 13 years old Baohe District, Hefei City

Liu * Yu female 12 years old Baohe District, Hefei City





Xiaoyu is A lively and lovely girl. In terms of study, Xiaoyu is very easy to worry about. In the last final exam, she also got A good result in the whole subject。Compared with her sister Xiaoyu, her sister Xiaojie is more mature and sensible like an adult. In order to reduce the pressure of her parents, she will take care of her sister on weekdays and do some housework in her spare time。The family moved to Hefei from other places, and now the parents are doing odd jobs in Hefei, and the meager income is difficult to maintain the expenses of the family. This year, there is a new baby in the family, which has become a family of five. The arrival of the new baby makes the family full of joy, but also brings greater pressure on life。


Funding criteria:


The learning stage of the grantee subvention
kindergarten 2000元/年
小学 2400元/年
初中 3000元/年
高中 4000元/年
The grant is distributed in two semesters per academic year

Funding process:
There is a one-to-one funding offer

Scan code plus benevolence small love wechat communication 



Identify the grantee

Check the donor information

Confirm funding intentions

Send money to the program link

确定The amount of funding,Duration of subsidy

One-time payment to project link

Fill in the confirmation form for helping children

The Charity will make regular payments to the recipients

Certificate of love and surrounding

The Foundation issues a Certificate of Love to sponsors (electronic version)

Send charity aid hand-in-hand around

Thank you for your participation!



Start the year doing good, walking with love

Look forward to yourConcern and participation


Loving donation

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