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New Year targeted funding activities

During the period from January 21-26 to the beginning of the New Year, we will look for one-to-one targeted donors for disadvantaged students in Anhui and the surrounding areas, giving them subsidies for study and life, and caring for their physical and mental health growth。For each sponsored child, the Ren 'ai Student Aid Team will follow up and give feedback from the initial family field visit to the grant payment, use and return visit each semester。Directed funding is not only material giving, but also caring and accompanying in the growth。


If you are willing to participate in targeted funding, you will receive:

  1. Donation bill, donation certificate

  2. Get regular feedback on the current situation of sponsored students

  3. You can visit sponsored students and families accompanied by volunteers

  4. Get charity aid hand-in-hand around (exquisite badge or USB flash drive, either)



If you are willing to direct funding

Please contact Ren Xiaoai


Sponsored Student Profile


11 Qian * Ming male 12 years old Huaiyuan County, Bengbu City

Xiao Ming lives in a family of four. In addition to his parents, he has an older brother who is studying in Grade two。In order to take care of the two brothers, the mother had to quit her job to take care of the family, the father because of the low level of education, can only do odd jobs and take care of the family's seven acres of farmland, in such a family of four, the income and expenditure are completely disproportionate。Fortunately, Xiao Ming's independent learning ability is good, excellent grades, and lively personality is especially loved by teachers。


12 Wang ** le male 12 years old Linquan County, Anhui province

Xiao Le is doing well in school and is top of the class。Xiao Le's father is recovering at home due to cerebral infarction hemiplegia, and his mother is responsible for taking care of his father and housework at home。Xiao Le also has an older sister and younger brother in school, and the family currently has no income。The cost of daily living at home, as well as the cost of the children's studies, weighed on the family, and life became more difficult and difficult to maintain。


13 Li * Yan female 13 years old Bozhou Qiaocheng District

14 Li * Yu female 11 years old Bozhou Qiaocheng District



Xiaoyan Xiaoyu a family of seven people, there are four children and elderly grandmother, Xiaoyan in the family eldest, there are two sisters and a brother in, parents rely on operating online shop to maintain a family's livelihood, but the shop business is not as good, there are tens of thousands of dollars in the home foreign debt, life is difficult。Fortunately, the children's grades are very stable, sensible and polite, and the children hope to rely on their own efforts to study to change the current predicament of life。


15 Chen * Zhenmale 14 years old Xincai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province

Xiao Zhen's family has four brothers and sisters, and the family income depends on their parents to work, in order to provide them with education, the life pressure of the family is increasing。Although the children's learning conditions and living conditions are not good, but sensible small Zhen in order to reduce the pressure of parents, learning is very disciplined, and the results are excellent。Even if the current life is not satisfactory, Xiao Zhen always believes that studying hard can overcome the current difficulties。


16 Yang * En female 11 years old Hefei Changfeng County

Xiao En is friendly to her classmates at school and respects her teachers. Her academic performance has been gradually improving. Her family of four lives in Hefei。The main income of the family is mainly dependent on the father, but it is very difficult to support four people by one father, and it is difficult to spend money in the city。The two children in the family have entered the middle school, because of the low cultural level of parents, unable to bear the responsibility of tutoring homework, so Xiao En is also very hard in study, and strive to become the pride of their parents。


17 Zheng * Ran male 10 years old Fuyang City Linquan County

She studies hard, unites classmates and is ready to help others. She is loved by teachers and students at school。Xiao Ran lives in a family of six, Xiao En's father is an ordinary worker in a factory, her mother is at home farming with children, and there are two old people in the family who take medicine all year round。The two children in the family go to school, and some family life needs, so that the family's economic situation is not optimistic, the economic pressure often brings small Ran a great sense of inferiority, but he knows to change the fate through reading。


18 Zhang * Yao female, 14 years old, Weihui City, Henan Province

Xiao Yao third day this year, soon to rise in her study particularly serious, in the face of difficulties at home, Xiao Yao know that only good study to help the family through difficulties。Xiao Yao's father has been in poor health since childhood, because of illness has been unable to do heavy work, no economic income, a family of four lives all rely on mother usually earned from odd jobs。Because of the flood in July last year, this difficult family is now heavily in debt, and this year's repeated epidemic has made the mother almost lose her financial source, and the life of the family is very difficult。


19 Wang * Beauty 12 years old Feidong County, Hefei City, Anhui province

20 王*曦 女 9岁  安徽省合肥市肥东县



小美小曦是姐妹俩,两个孩子在学习上都很努力,为了减轻母亲的负担,孩子们会主动完成学习任务,也会在闲暇之余帮忙做家务。The children's mother has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for more than four years, unable to do heavy work, and needs to see a doctor every month to take medicine, long-term medical expenses to the poor family is worse, and the family burden is all on the father。



Funding criteria:


The learning stage of the grantee subvention
kindergarten 2000元/年
小学 2400元/年
初中 3000元/年
高中 4000元/年
The grant is distributed in two semesters per academic year

Funding process:
There is a one-to-one funding offer

Scan code plus benevolence small love wechat communication 



Identify the grantee

Check the donor information

Confirm funding intentions

Send money to the program link

确定The amount of funding,Duration of subsidy

One-time payment to project link

Fill in the confirmation form for helping children

The Charity will make regular payments to the recipients

Certificate of love and surrounding

The Foundation issues a Certificate of Love to sponsors (electronic version)

Send charity aid hand-in-hand around

Thank you for your participation!



Start the year doing good, walking with love

Look forward to yourConcern and participation

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