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Summary of Charity student hand in hand public welfare true exploration activity -- Huo Qiu

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In late March, the Ren 'ai Student Hand-in-Hand project team went to Huoqiu to carry out public welfare activities, and visited the Ren 'ai Student Hand-in-Hand project site with public welfare real research to understand the story behind the public welfare project。

First stop: volunteer teaching class

The Ren 'ai Student Hand in Hand project team has provided rich thematic education courses for disadvantaged children in rural primary schools with LEGO particles as the carrier,Through a complete set of solutions that play and support for overall development,Pay attention to rural children who are in different difficulties and lack opportunities to play,Provide them with opportunities to learn and develop through creative play,To plant endless possibilities for the future of our children。


Considering the proximity of rural primary schools to the National Highway and the waters of the Huai River, Ren 'ai Hand in Hand was launched in grades two and three with the help of Lego particlesThe theme activity of "Safe Little Guard" helped a total of 23 children to improve the three safety awareness of "riding safety", "drowning safety" and "safety between classes". The children gave full play to their imagination in the link of the work, and built safety theme scenes such as "campus playground", "swimming pool" and "rural road"。In the exhibition of works, each group spoke enthusiastically, actively introduced their works and the safety awareness contained in the works, and called on the whole class to pay attention to the popularization of safety knowledge and work together to be a small safety guard。


And for the senior children who are about to rise to the beginning of the year, charity aid aid hand in hand"Blooming Girl - I want to be when I grow up" theme activity,Let the 25 kids in the senior class feel the unique charm of girls in the workplace,Get rid of professional gender bias,Through the "Achievement Guess" campaign,Let them know to dream and work hard,Everyone has the potential to be great,It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl。In the theme of "Girls Can Do Anything",The children showed great potential,In a short time to put together a lot of excellent works,Some kids want to be a cop when they grow up.,He put together two pistols;Some kids want to be a teacher when they grow up.,I built a dream classroom out of Lego;There are even girls to put together a "trainer" career,All these wonderful ideas were cheered by the students!In a series of puzzle games and themed educational activities,The children are actively involved,Speak enthusiastically,Learn a lot of new knowledge through the experience of play。


The second stop: home care

The principal of Dacheng Primary School led the team to visit Wang Jieliu Township, Huoqiu CountyThree families of students holding hands to learn about the living and learning conditions of their children。A group of people first arrived at Wangjieliuxiang Chashi village to visit the first family, the child went to school, only grandpa at home, the staff confirmed whether the funding has arrived, and asked the child's recent situation。The child's mother died when he was young, the child lives with his grandfather, and the father has been working in other places, paying less attention to the child。It is understood that the child's father has set up a new family this year, and only pays the child's tuition fees on weekdays, and the life of the two people depends on the few acres of fields planted by the grandfather and the financial support of loving people。After that, the group visited the second family, the second family has three children, only the mother was at home during the visit, the children went to school, the father has been working outside and rarely come home, the mother has a serious eye disease almost blind, the children are very serious about learning, but also know that the family is not easy are very sensible。The children of the third family went to secondary school this year,Come back once a month,The child's father is in his seventies,Mother has an illness that makes her immobile,Poor home conditions,Most of the infrastructure is funded by the government and caring people,According to the child's father, the child was diagnosed with cerebrovascular disease some time ago,Has affected his ability to write with his right hand,Further tests are needed after that。

During the visit, the project team will record the recent progress of each family and each recipient student in their studies and needs in life, and then follow up in real time, and provide help within their capacity, in order to improve the children's living and learning environment and personal health, and help the children out of difficulties to get a better future。

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