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May 14-17, Tencent transparent public welfare support plan 2Together with the Renai Student Aid Hand-in-Hand project team, the Public welfare True Detective went to Fuyang City, Anhui Province, to carry out volunteer teaching classroom activities, and visited the families of poor students who carried out house love action。


1. Happy volunteer teaching class


From May 15 to 16, the group first arrived in Funan County to carry out classroom activities in Funan Liu Dayying Primary School and Wangji Primary School。A total of 248 village children were invited to use LEGO bricks for theme building。Ren 'ai Student Hand in Hand project team designed LEGO building theme activities according to the physical and mental development level and cognitive level of children in different grades. In two days, a total of 10 Lego building theme teaching activities were carried out for 12 classes。




For 28 students in the first grade, the theme of "Mini castle" was mainly carried out,By guiding students to build their own dream castle land out of LEGO,Use Lego bricks of various shapes to build castles,Help children understand the principles of simple construction,Help children learn to compare, compare and sum up experience from LEGO Mosaic graphics。




"Lego Superpowers" and "Lego Homes" themed activities for 57 students in Year 2,In the "Lego Superpowers" campaign,Help children use their imagination with LEGO bricks/pieces,Give animals some "irrational" superpowers,Create your own creative creations in the patchwork,Through this game can also train children's thinking ability;In the construction of the Lego Home,The main guide children to present a complete home by putting together the characteristics of family, home and home,Help children form the concept of "home",Understand the importance of home。




Organized 53 students in Grade 3 to carry out the activities of "LEGO Safety Little Guard" and "Little Change Home Bee Day",Help children learn about safety through LEGO Safety Guardians,Improve safety awareness,At the same time, it can stimulate children's desire to actively explore the things around them,Improve the ability to observe;Raise children's awareness of environmental issues through the "Little Maker - Bee Day" activity,And get kids involved in the environmental movement,Teach through fun,Help children integrate environmental awareness into their lives。




In the fourth grade, two different classes carried out the theme of "Girls can do anything - gender temperament" and "protecting the diversity of life around",Helped 29 students through building different princesses, brave women,Understand gender temperament,Building pluralistic values,Knowing that personality is not determined by sex;It also helped 18 students understand the concept of biodiversity,How to help children create a better home,It has very important educational significance。




In order to help more children enhance their awareness of gender equality and establish initial career goals, 63 students in five, six or two senior grades were carried out the theme of "Girls in bloom - I want to be when I grow up", and guided the children to think about what career they want to engage in?Understand that career/achievement is gender-neutral, and enhance girls' confidence and pride, encouraging children to work hard and strive for the work they want to do。




On May 17, the group went to Runhe Town Yingshang Wangtang School to carry out volunteer teaching classroom activities。The total number of participants in this activity is 129。Themed activities such as "Lego Home", "Lego Safety Guard", "Grow Up to Be" and "Mini Castle" were held for children in kindergarten and grades 1-6。

Colorful theme activities have been harvested with their own unique LEGO works, children's creativity and novelty, limited time in the classroom burst out a variety of wonderful surprises, the whole classroom is full of children's laughter。





Second, the Love House action into difficult families


In order to improve the learning environment and family environment of students in difficulties, Ren 'ai Aid students hand in hand to start the Love House action and carry out housing renovation for families in difficulties。On May 15, two public welfare detectives and the Ren 'ai Student Aid Group visited families in Yingshang and Huoqiu counties who had applied for housing renovation。After field visits to understand, verify information, and finally confirm that 3 houses are included in this action。

Family No. 1: Two children, a boy and a girl, sister in sixth grade, brother in fifth grade。In the early years, his father died of an accident, and his mother wanted to die together, and was rescued after taking poison to kill herself, leaving sequelae, half paralyzed, and her mind was not clear。At present, there are only two elderly people in the family to take care of the two children. Grandpa is 82 years old and grandma is 74 years old. Grandpa is hard of hearing and needs to wear a hearing aid to hear。Fortunately, the two children are more sensible, and the daughter is outgoing, loves to laugh, and is talkative。My son is a little introverted and doesn't talk much。Grandpa is usually in charge of the family, including the children's studies。The children also live in one room and have no study and living space of their own。




Second family: Grandpa with two children barely living, big on the third day, small first day。The mother died when the child was 15 years old, and the father worked in other places and would come back only once during the Spring Festival。Grandpa is old, his leg is injured and he can't move easily. Aunt will help take care of the children on weekdays, and the father of the children almost doesn't care about the two children。The two children are particularly sensible, and the granddaughter's grades are relatively good, and she has entered the county No. 1 Middle School, studying very hard, and still insists on learning when her foot is injured。Sometimes there is no money to eat at school, work and study at school, try to share the difficulties for the family, usually do not like to talk at home, but will wash clothes and cook for the home, etc., for these two children grandpa regards them as the pride of the family, has been very praised them, but also very distressed, feel sorry for him。




No. 3 family: there are two daughters in the family, a son, the eldest daughter lives with her grandmother, and now goes to the west Anhui Vocational and Technical College on weekdays rarely go home, the second daughter and the youngest son need to pick up and go to school in the fifth grade, their character is introverted, relatively thin。Sister and brother are not in the same class, but they are both the first in their respective classes。My sister's wish is that Grandma can move to their home to live together. She thinks grandma is too lonely to live alone. On Saturday and Sunday, she will go to Grandma's home to talk and chat with grandma。




Even these kids偏居一隅,Charity for students hand in hand is also expected to passlimited.努力,Improve their living environment and learning environment to help them develop indefinitely。Follow-up reform progress please pay attention to benevolence and student hand in hand!


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