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Love helps grow | Episode 1: Baby, you're not alone anymore!

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There's such a group of kids

They're not orphans.

But I feel the same loneliness

They have parents.

But I've never felt the warmth of a family


They were supposed to be innocent

But has already experienced the sorrow of life

Sincere in the eyes

But can not look forward to the long-expected love

Young shoulders

But have to carry the burden of life




"The reality of unsupported Children"


2023年6月,Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as: Ren 'ai Foundation) has become a partner of Hainan Cheng Mei Charity Foundation's Love to help factual orphans project,Undertake love to help the growth of the project plate content,Designed to find the truth about unsupported children,They are also provided with educational incentive funds, psychological assessment and policy assistance reporting services。
After determining the content of the project, in June, Ren 'ai Foundation quickly mobilized local partner organizations and volunteer teams in Anhui to look for these orphaned children, and we saw a lot along the way...

[Bengbu] Will you come again

Lonely eyes, rickets back, shrink on a small bench, this is the first time we see Xiaojun (pseudonym) appearance。At only 8 years old, he is much older than his peers, and it is all due to a change six years ago。Xiaojun's father rear-ended a car in a field and became a vegetative person. At that time, Xiaojun could not walk, and Xiaojun's brother was only in kindergarten. The car accident was a huge blow to a family。For the next four years, my father was paralyzed in bed until he died of organ failure in September 2021。After my father died, my mother remarried in despair。The brothers can only follow their grandparents who are more than sixty years old, and when we meet Xiaojun, Xiaojun does not like to talk。Even if we want to mobilize the child's emotions through various ways, but always get no response, just when we are discouraged to leave, Xiaojun silently followed behind, until we have gone far, look back, the child is still standing at the door, waving to us。He didn't say anything, but from his look, we really feel Xiaojun's reluctance。
"Will you come again?" was what he wanted to say but was afraid to say...

Joon, who avoids communicating with us


Xiaojun brother's certificate of award is the greatest comfort and light at home


-- Partner Organization: Bengbu City Love City Social Work Service Center


For him, independence is a survival skill

Since birth, Xiao Yun (not his real name) has never had a father's love。
Xiao Yun's mother suffers from mental illness, and Ben is looking forward to a happy marriage after her illness is brought under control。However, after six months of marriage, due to a relapse of mental illness, the man asked for an annulment, at this time, Xiao Yun's mother was pregnant。Shortly after Xiao Yun was born, Xiao Yun's father and his family all went out and abandoned his mother and Xiao Yun, who was less than 1 year old。Helpless, mother and son returned to her mother's home to live。Due to the unstable mental condition of her mother, she has no ability to work, and the family only relies on the subsistence allowance and has no other sources of income。
In this way, Xiaoyun has been free-range growing up。Without the care of his family, Xiao Yun became independent early。A person to do homework, a person to do housework, a person to play。
He doesn't have the luxury of being pampered。Independence is a survival skill he must master。

Xiao Yun's home


The way Xiao Yun usually spends his time

-- Partner organization: Fuyang Sunshine Charity Association


Since the launch of the project, local partner organizations and volunteer teams have held internal meetings to clarify the characteristics of the groups helping children, and based on the local volunteer network, find children, verify children's information, and feedback to Ren Ai Foundation。

Through focused search, we found that there are many unsupported children like Xiaojun and Xiaoyun, and some families have difficulties in life but have no help;Some families are too ashamed to say no。In the process of searching, we protect the child's self-esteem as the principle of giving assistance to families who want to seek help, but also to avoid secondary harm to the child himself。


Perhaps, their past pain we can not soothe, but at least, their future life can be more possible!

Baby, you're not alone anymore!


Special thanks

Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation


The Love for Orphans Project has been launched by Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation since 2014,The project is divided into four sections,"Love helps the growth" - provides financial incentives, psychological assessment and policy assistance for unsupported children;"Sunshine Family" - aims to focus on the psychological problems of unsupported children,Through sustained emotional companionship,Effectively promote their overall and healthy growth;"Love helps dreams" - Matching the corresponding material packages and living environment transformation according to the individual needs of different children,To help their personalized dreams;"Voyage Fund" - To provide financial support for those who remain in school as adults。
Founded in October 2010, Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation is the first 5A-level foundation in China to change from local private to local public fundraising。The Foundation focuses on social development in the four major fields of education, health care, culture and environmental protection, supports the innovative and sustainable development of civil society, and promotes the development of modern public welfare undertakings。As one of the most active foundations in the field of public welfare in China, the Chengmei Charitable Foundation has been recognized by the society and praised by the industry。
Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Ren 'ai") was registered and established in the Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department in 2015, and has grown into a 5A public foundation with pre-tax deduction qualification after several years of intensive cultivation。Since its establishment, Ren 'ai has been upholding the principle of "Everyone gives love,Public welfare vision everywhere,Foundation "to discover the needs of social welfare,Real practice of public welfare,Transparent use of public resources "charitable objectives,We will promote public welfare services and innovation,Assist or support social groups, enterprises and civil organizations and caring people to participate in public welfare services!

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