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Love helps grow | Episode 3: Autumn is thick, but love is better

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Since ancient times every autumn sad lonely

But love can erase all worries

This fall

Volunteers as always

With light steps

Go to a love agreement

So, autumn leaves, wet weather

And no longer disturbing

It makes people happy

Since June 2023, Ren 'ai Foundation has mobilized local partner organizations and volunteer teams in Anhui to search for unsupported children, and has found more than 100 children to help......From then on, the gears of love between the volunteers and the children began to quietly turn。


Since the last meeting with the fact of unsupported children Xiao Rui (a pseudonym), this reunion, let Xiao Rui was surprised and pleasantly surprised。His father who died early, his mother who ran away from home, and his grandmother who was old and sick, all made Xiao Rui dare not easily expect that good things and love would come to him one day。Therefore, when she met the volunteers, Xiao Rui cherished and actively shared her life。

Xiao Rui told the volunteer: Grandma's intelligence is only at the level of a child, so he will patiently communicate with grandma and try to use simple language to express his meaning。

Xiao Rui also said that he would walk with his grandmother whenever he had time, hoping that her grandmother could have a healthy body through exercise。Every walk, grandma can be happy。

Xiao Rui said again: this month's exam, he got 92 points in the Chinese test, and 98 points in the math test。Now his grades are at the top of his class, and his teachers and family are proud of him。

Xiao Rui's efforts and excellent results are not only for himself, he hopes to change the living conditions of himself and his family through learning。He knows that only through the accumulation of knowledge and hard work, can he change his fate。He dreams of entering a good university in the future, learning more knowledge and creating better living conditions for his family。


All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way。Tong Tong (a pseudonym) also had a happy home, because of a disease took the life of her grandmother, father also disappeared because of family conflicts, then the mother also married somewhere else, refused to bear the responsibility of raising the child 。At this time, Tong Tong was only seven years old, his brother was only five years old, and the poor young two children only followed their grandfather to depend on each other!However, misfortune never comes alone. Grandpa's body could not hold on any longer due to a long illness and passed away...The two children have since become orphans with no one to rely on.。Fortunately, the child's grandfather (grandfather's brother) saw the child poor, took home to raise。But grandpa is also left hand disability, limited ability to work, and their grandchildren to take care of, life is difficult。

During the visit, every time I saw Tong Tong's eyes, the melancholy and caution inside made the volunteers feel distressed。She does not like to talk, need too much love to make up for......


As the search for unsupported children comes to an end, teams have officially launched care services since September。Every time you enter a child's family, the volunteers will have a deeper feeling。These children, with their own weak strength is unable to resist the difficulties and burdens of life, the participation of social forces is very important。

Although the work of caring has only just begun, we believe that through sustained care, even a drop in the bucket, we can inject some light into a child's life。

Special thanks

Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation

The Love for Orphans Project has been launched by Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation since 2014,The project is divided into four sections,"Love helps the growth" - provides financial incentives, psychological assessment and policy assistance for unsupported children;"Sunshine Family" - aims to focus on the psychological problems of unsupported children,Through sustained emotional companionship,Effectively promote their overall and healthy growth;"Love helps dreams" - Matching the corresponding material packages and living environment transformation according to the individual needs of different children,To help their personalized dreams;"Voyage Fund" - To provide financial support for those who remain in school as adults。
Founded in October 2010, Hainan Chengmei Charity Foundation is the first 5A-level foundation in China to change from local private to local public fundraising。The Foundation focuses on social development in the four major fields of education, health care, culture and environmental protection, supports the innovative and sustainable development of civil society, and promotes the development of modern public welfare undertakings。As one of the most active foundations in the field of public welfare in China, the Chengmei Charitable Foundation has been recognized by the society and praised by the industry。
Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Ren 'ai") was registered and established in the Anhui Provincial Civil Affairs Department in 2015, and has grown into a 5A public foundation with pre-tax deduction qualification after several years of intensive cultivation。Since its establishment, Ren 'ai has been upholding the principle of "Everyone gives love,Public welfare vision everywhere,Foundation "to discover the needs of social welfare,Real practice of public welfare,Transparent use of public resources "charitable objectives,We will promote public welfare services and innovation,Assist or support social groups, enterprises and civil organizations and caring people to participate in public welfare services!

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