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Help the Elderly Month Donation Day: Health Care Community Walk

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From September 11 to 13, Ren 'ai Assisted the Elderly and invited the free clinic team to come to the station to carry out a 3-day "health care community tour" free clinic service, and a total of 301 elderly people were served in the community。

Free clinic service

The free clinic service is mainly aimed at the common health problems of the elderly, carrying out health knowledge lectures and physical therapy and nursing services, including eye atomization, management of waist and leg pain, cell health detection, blood pressure measurement and other aspects。

The most popular service item of this free clinic is eye atomization. The elderly wear the atomization device, and after a period of eye atomization, it can regulate the blood circulation of the eye, increase the humidity, relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, and promote the local inflammation to subside。Most of the old people said after the fog that the eyes were much more comfortable than before, and they did not feel dry and tired eyes, their sight was bright, and their mood was comfortable。

Some elderly people have been affected by waist and leg pain for a long time. In this free clinic, professional doctors have relieved the pain of elderly people to a certain extent through TCM massage。


In addition, Chinese medicine experts diagnose the physical condition of the elderly by feeling the pulse, and make a comprehensive health assessment of the elderly by using health management equipment. Through the data analysis of the equipment testing equipment, the health status index of the elderly is obtained. Under the suggestions and guidance of volunteers, the elderly can help understand their own health status。Everyone was full of praise for the free clinic service。

Health classroom

In this activity,Chinese medicine doctors also made the theme of "autumn health" health lectures for the elderly,The knowledge of autumn health care is closely linked with the daily life of residents,From the daily diet, rest, exercise, autumn health, etc,All kinds of bad habits in daily life diet were analyzed to the elderly,The nutrients contained in the daily food were analyzed。At the same time, remind what matters should be paid attention to in the autumn supplement, according to the characteristics of the autumn season, remind the elderly to pay attention to reasonable diet, safe medication, regular physical examination, more exercise, more brain, and maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, so as to be beneficial to physical and mental health。
To consult the elderly, the doctor uses traditional Chinese medicine to carefully answer the questions of the elderly patiently, and puts forward targeted scientific suggestions。
Many elderly people say they have been suffering from "senile diseases" for many years,However, there is little knowledge about the prevention and health care of "senile diseases",Don't know what you should pay attention to and what you shouldn't do,Really thank you to the medical team who provided medical care to them today,Not only patiently answer their questions,Also taught a lot of "old age disease" health knowledge,Usually I will pay more attention。

For this free clinic activity, the old people are full of enthusiasm, and give a high degree of affirmation, have expressed the hope that Ren 'ai help the old station can carry out several free clinic services, to bring them more health knowledge and appropriate disease response measures。

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