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Help the Elderly Month Donation Day: Warmth begins with listening

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Grandma Wang lives in a quiet, remote village。Her husband left this world early, the children are also living in the field, only one needs her to take care of, physically disabled, unable to speak son, two people depend on each other。Although the children occasionally call Grandma Wang to convey greetings and concerns from afar, she常常Feeling lonely because there's no one around to talk to。


Grandma Wang's cabin is simply furnished with an old-fashioned plank bed, a battered table and a rickety chair。However, these simple pieces of furniture hold countless memories for her。


Before receiving Charity for the elderly volunteer service, Grandma Wang's life was very monotonous。Every morning, she would get up early and start cooking。Because Wang's legs are not good, usually there is little social activities, accompanied by only one son can not speak。Cooking, washing and cleaning alone, thoughShe was used to these things, but no one倾听How could she ever get used to being alone without help。


Grandma has a lot of inner words have no place to tell, until one day, by chance, grandma accepted the service of charity Help the elderly volunteers。At first, Grandma was a little overwhelmed by the volunteers' help, but after a period of patient care and company from the volunteers, she gradually opened up and shared a lot about her experience with them。



The volunteers come to Grandma Wang's home regularly every month to help her cut her hair, do nursing, health monitoring, cleaning, chatting with her, listening to her voice, and warm care again and again, so that grandma and volunteers' hearts close to each other。Despite the hardships of life, Grandma Wang never complained, and her eyes were full of hope and optimism。She looked forward to every visit from volunteers, and gradually, volunteers became an indispensable part of her life。



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