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Institutional growth camp - senior class ended successfully

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Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation held an institutional Growth camp - Advanced Class from July 4 to 14。A total of 10 participants from different public welfare organizations participated。

Ren 'ai Advanced Class Institutional Growth Camp

It's over.

The training of the senior class institutional Growth camp has six theme courses - enterprise resource development and volunteer development and management, financial practice, breaking the stereotype, council governance, how to use social problems to guide project design, and institutional operation, and is lectured by senior teachers in the industry。Under the leadership of the lecturer, the training course focused on responding to the actual needs of start-up organizations, prompting the person in charge to clarify the organizational development strategy, and helping to produce future organizational planning and action plans. It was a systematic training for the person in charge of start-up public welfare organizations。



(Group photo after finishing camp)

Wonderful course

On the first day, through the cheerful ice-breaking game, the students introduced themselves, got to know each other, let the students mingle with each other, and started the ten-day learning journey。



(Participants giving group presentations)


The first part is a series of courses of Enterprise resource development and volunteer development and management,Let the students understand the relationship between corporate social responsibility and volunteer service,Learn about the development history of volunteering and corporate volunteering,A more tangible understanding of the purpose of enterprise participation in public welfare,Let the students solve a lot of confusion,Bring new inspiration。



(Students who take notes carefully)


The second "Financial Practice" series course, the teacher from the basic to the promotion, two days of financial lessons, let the students from all over the public welfare organizations realize that a sound financial system and financial supervision can ensure the healthy and sustainable operation and development of public welfare organizations。By understanding the three major financial statements, budgeting and tax concepts, we further clarified how to carry out standardized financial work in their own organizations。


In the third part of the "Breaking the Stereotype" series of courses, the teacher lets the students actively participate in the fun team games, using the games to develop the students' innovative thinking, break through the inflexible thinking, and inspire the students to think about the spirit, identity, belief, value, ability, behavior, and environment from the perspective of their own public welfare organizations。



(Students with serious discussion)


In the fourth section, a series of courses entitled "Governance of the Council", through the detailed explanation of the teacher, we have a systematic understanding of the reasonable structure of the Council, the functions of the Council, the business of the Council, the relationship between the council and the executive team and other practical content, which provides a reference for the establishment of a healthy council and compliance operation of public welfare organizations。



(Report sharing students)


Section 5: How to Use Solving Social problems to Guide Project Design,The teacher takes three elements to clarify the mission of the organization,Carry out reasonable project design,Establish the organization's development strategy as the goal,Enlighten students,Update students' knowledge,Encourage independent thinking,Improve everyone's discovery,Comprehensive ability to analyze and solve problems。



(Active speaker)


Section 6 "Organization and Operation" series courses,The training is coming to an end,Everyone summarized under the leadership of the teacher,Use the problem tree, SMART principle and other practical methods learned in the previous course,After group discussion,co-analysis,The exchange and collision discussed the future development plan and direction of the public welfare organizations where the participants worked,Let the camel program learn to put into practice。

Institutional supervision

Three institutional supervision opportunities were opened during the training. Ren 'ai supervised Lu 'an Ren 'ai Social Work Service Center, Feng Zhenai Social Work Service Center and Chongqing Shancheng Volunteer Service Center respectively。Understand the problems in the operation of each organization, help the organization to clarify its mission, determine the organization's positioning according to the mission, and make future plans。

Student experience

Li Qingshou

Qingdao West Coast New District Green Benefit public Service Center


Learning is the best investment in the world,This nearly ten-day training,Lucky to be here,It's so great!The original "primary service object" of Lvyi public welfare Organization is the vast number of caring volunteers,By providing a volunteering platform,Involve loving volunteers in service,Meet the psychological needs of self-value realization,Awaken public awareness of social responsibility,Advocate everyone link,Warm to each other。Mission driven, vision must reach!"Project design, organization operation, volunteer incentive mechanism..."

Rich nutrition, let me surprise, finally toward sustainable development of the "regular army"!Thanks to Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation for providing such a valuable learning opportunity, "travel thousands of miles, not as good as the famous teacher to guide the way", there is an organization on the road to accompany, no longer lonely!


Zhang Xueping

Fengxian Zhenai social work service center

Walk into the Charity growth camp with anticipation。

How to leverage the resources of social enterprises to participate in social welfare is our pain point. After listening to the teacher's course on the development of corporate social responsibility in China, I know that the responsibility of social enterprises not only includes economic responsibility, legal responsibility, but also social responsibility and moral responsibility。Only those entrepreneurs who earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities can truly be recognized by society and meet the requirements of The Times。Let my thinking was changed, and found a good point to cut into the topic when planning cooperation and win-win cooperation with enterprises。

The development of a social organization cannot be separated from a sound financial management system,Three financial lists that the head of an organization must look at,Clear financial status of the organization to do a good job in organizational operation,This module is something I didn't know before,Now through this course, I have clarified how to improve the financial system and do a good job in financial management。The operation and management of social organizations require professional skills and methods。

Learn the three elements of the mission of charitable organizations to understand which means to solve whose social problems and what social results to achieve。Use the mission of a charitable organization to identify the organization's primary targets (needs and needs).,Use the organization's service means to carry out (project design), establish the organization's evaluation system to clarify the evaluation content,Understand the purpose of the assessment: Needs assessment: Justification for starting the project,Process evaluation: The directionality of the execution project,Outcome assessment: Effectiveness in meeting needs,Setting by evaluation indicators (management by objectives)。

Thanks to Ren Ai Foundation for providing us with professional and effective training courses。Thank you all for your wonderful teaching!


Gao Jianjun

Chongqing Shancheng Volunteer Service Center

The study was fruitful,Let oneself from confusion to find the direction of engaging in public welfare again;Especially knowing you guys,Let me know,I am not a lone actor on this public welfare path,We are a group of practitioners with a common direction;I've been on the road for the last 15 years,Lonely and confused;I just found out today,I am a camel in this desert,Having experienced all the setbacks and difficulties on the road of doing public welfare, I have become a "boat in the desert"..

This advanced class, all the students successfully completed。Through talent construction, practical exercises, supervision and empowerment, and public interest venture capital, start-up public welfare organizations are like camels, with the ability to develop healthily and sustainably!未来,Ren 'ai will contribute to the public welfare cause with a more professional, more effective, more innovative and more comprehensive concept of public welfare service, and help the development of talents in the public welfare industry。

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