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The Corporate Growth Camp Advanced Class is finally here!

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hey fellow philanthropists

Do you remember becausePostponed as necessary for epidemic prevention

Institutional Growth Camp Advanced class


It's finally coming!

Are you guys ready?



It aims to empower public venture capital through talent construction, practical exercise and supervision
Help public welfare partners, like camels, have the ability to develop healthily and sustainably
Wonderful course
此次Advanced classCourses continue to upgrade, the industry's veteran teachers, strong teachers, professional public knowledge, more cutting-edge industry dynamics, rich industry resources, waiting for you to unlock!

Course objectives:

Responsive start-up组织Actual demand

The head of the accompanying organization has developed from a "transactional steward" toA leader with a strategic pattern

Support the output of organization leadersFuture organizational planning and action plan

Course focus:


Course Benefits:

Applications are available during the courseSupervisory agency companionship programRen Ai will provide multi-directional supervision,To provide timely and effective supervision and suggestions for problems arising in the operation of public welfare organizations and projects。


Institutional talent customization

This advanced class will be available after the end of the courseInstitutional talent customized trainingWe can customize talent training solutions for public welfare organizations according to their actual conditions and special needs。Through theoretical learning, method application, tool teaching and other ways to ensure the training effect, effectively build practical public welfare talents, and do a good job in talent reserve for the development of the public welfare organization's industry。


Registration notes

Course time:4月11-21日(Specific information can be obtained after registration)

Training object:Organization chairman, organization leader, project leader

Training fee:6500元/人(Including training, food and accommodation)

After applying for the scholarship:1600元/人


Registration channel



Scan the QR code

Enter the registration link


Registration and payment



Bank transfer:

Organization name: Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation

Opening bank: Hefei Anjuyuan Branch, Agricultural Bank of China


(Please note: name)


Matters needing attention

Registration process:Fill in the application - Ren 'ai Review - Confirmation Notice - Confirmation of payment - Registration success

Payment Items:No refund will be given after successful registration. Please note your name for registration. No halftime departure will be allowed during the training。

Registration deadline:Registration closes at 24:00 on March 31, 2022

Training venue:Surrounding Hefei

Contact number:0551-68991226

Knowledge and skills are opportunities

Only reserve to practice it

Can bring more beauty and expectations

We look forward to your joining us

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