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2021/4/30 17:00:00 Anhui Ren 'ai Public Welfare Foundation 阅读(855)

From April 12 to 16, 2021, the first class of the Charity Light - Camel Project Institutional Growth Camp started smoothly。As Ren 'ai opens a new five-year strategy, the training takes the theme of "talent building, practical exercise, supervision and empowerment, public interest venture capital" as the theme, and takes the form of special training, group discussion, and theme activities as a five-day learning。Ren 'ai Secretary-General Zhang Ling, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Yunhui, staff from various departments of the Foundation, and 40 students from 21 organizations attended the meeting。
April 27-28,bwin足球网Deputy secretary general协同The director of the project department is going郑州Conduct training seminars。


On the 27th, the local public welfare team conducted a training on "How to raise funds for public welfare organizations", and a total of ten organizations participated on the day。

28 for the parents of the mentally disabled group to carry out the service mode training for adults with mental disabilities, and in the afternoon to the "slow angel coffee" project site to give project guidance to the staff。


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